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Look ma, no wires!

This message is coming to you via thin air, which means that, if you can read it, I’m having no problems with my wireless card. I’m logged on in the university library, which is equipped with a free wireless access point. It also has wired access points too, so I could probably connect to both and get two IP addresses, but one is fine. Signal strength isn’t bad – varies between 3 and 4 out of 5.
And thanks to a decent battery, the only wire coming out of the computer is for the mouse (sorry, but I really cannot use a touchpad). Call me a late adopter but I find this really exciting. 🙂
Err… now to do some coursework…


  1. Just make sure you have read the necessary documentation relative to securing your PC in a wireless environment. Many people don

  2. Wifi Blogging

    There’s something decadent about blogging from bed, a real two fingered salute to convention and flying in the face of whats considered ‘normal behaviour’. To me this is luxury, strange to think that back in 1997 to have a computer…

  3. It’s it strangely addictive? I’ve still got to set my WEP encryption up so I’ll guess I’ll do that sometime over the weekend.

  4. Cool, I hope it’s one of those micro optical mice, as big grown-up mice look silly on laptops these days as they are half the length of the laptop itself.
    XP’s firewall is enough to defend you from local wire attacks from others on the same access point. I hate all this “opening a (w)hole new world” BS. Unless you run something that makes your laptop act like an access point your pretty safe.
    …anyway get some werk done!

  5. It’s actually a normal size Logitech Pilot Mouse Optical – while my hands are not especially huge I still prefer a full-size mouse than a diddy laptop one. Optical mice are so much better than the ones with balls in :).
    The machine has ZoneAlarm running so that should prevent unauthorised access, and there’s nothing much of interest being transmitted from my machine that isn’t encrypted.
    And my essay is finished :).

  6. Actually, it won’t let you have the two ip addresses at the same time. I know, my housemate complained about that, and is the wireless still on limited bandwidth?

  7. Yes, the bandwidth is still limited to the same level as it is when using a cable. But over 60KB/sec is still good enough for me.