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A mixture of relief and boredom

Coursework is done, dusted and printed out ready to hand in tomorrow. It’s not the best assignment in the world but apparently it’s all I needed to do. And it’s only 5% of one module, or 1 credit out of the 240 credits from my second and final years that count towards my degree, so even if I do badly it’s not going to matter hugely.
Had a play with the wireless hotspot in the foyer of the main building on campus – it was strange to be able to do my coursework on my own computer while sat in a cafe. For someone who’s used to having a multitude of wires dangling out of his somewhat immobile machine it’s very odd to be able to take it around and still be able to do everything that I could in my room.
Now that my coursework is done I have a free evening. Admittedly I probably should probably work on my next assignment, which is due in on Monday, but I really don’t feel up to it at the moment. Ironically, the subject of the coursework is… wait for it… wireless LANs – although it’s no more specific than that I intend to write about the differences between IEEE 802.11a, b and g, and the forthcoming 802.16 standard for larger networks (MANs), along with WEP encryption.
Update: I decided that putting pen to paper for this next assignment was the most productive thing to do. I’ve now written nearly three pages.
I will try to shut up about wifi as you’re probably all bored by now but I’m still feeling the effects of its coolness factor.

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