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I find your lack of wires disturbing

(note: due to me accidently closing tabs/exiting Firebird, this is my third attempt at this post. Hopefully now that this tab is locked it’ll be the final attempt)
My wireless PCMCIA card arrived yesterday, so I jumped on a train home to pick it up today, seeing as Wednesday is my day off. Annoying Dabs will only deliver to your billing address on your first order as a security measure, so I couldn’t have the card delivered directly to Bradford. On the plus side, I’ve been able to play with broadband again, and managed to actually download and install the JDK without any problems this time.
The card comes with drivers for all Windows versions from 98 upwards, plus drivers for Windows CE and Linux, although newer Linux drivers are available from SourceForge. They’re open source so fingers crossed they may be included in Mandrake 9.2, of which the public ISOs are due out in ‘a few days’ according to the web site – they’ve been delayed because they can damage LG Electronics CD-ROM drives. But then maybe that’s LG’s fault for not sticking to the ATAPI standard. However, I digress.
(note: ignore the automatic acronym expander, I’m not referring to Lockergnome here)
I can’t tell you whether the card works fully, since there are no wireless networks here, but the driver seemed to install okay (although it is unsigned) and Network Stumbler does recognise it, even if it couldn’t tell me much more than that. There’s a few hotspots on campus so once I’m back there I’ll do some testing.
On a not-very related note, this Google search is quite interesting.

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