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One thing we Brits are good at complaining about is how US-centric computers and the internet are. We habitually complain that ‘color’, ‘maximize’ and ‘center’ are spelt incorrectly and are forever scratching our heads over the meaning of ‘zip code’ and ‘trash can’.
So it’s probably little surprise that I’m about to rant about how US-centric Epson is. For some reason, this laptop doesn’t want to automatically search the internet for a driver my printer, unlike the last one which would magically download the driver for me without asking it. No, this one gets in a paddy because it can’t find a driver, so, last night, I went to Epson’s UK site to download the driver. This driver wasn’t digitally signed by MS, and from the looks of things was quite old – it resembled the Windows 98 driver for my parents’ Stylus Color 660 – but it worked.
Anyway, I seem to remember being able to use a signed driver that was a lot more XP friendly, so today I visited Epson’s US site. Sure enough, they have a more recent driver available. And in this case, ‘more recent’ is 17th July 2002 – which begs the question: just how old was the driver I was using originally?
Honestly, you yanks get all the fun 🙁
While I’m ranting, I’ll also complain about how difficult it is to get a copy of the J2SE JDK. Sun’s web site seems to be smoking crack today, and, naturally, there are no mirrors to fall back to due to Sun’s licensing, or something. What worse is that it’s not the first time I’ve had problems trying to download the damn thing. I’d stick with the JRE if it weren’t for the fact that I’ll need the JDK to compile Java apps some time in the future.

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