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Perils of P2P

I’ve now been waiting for 3 hours for a file to download across Shareaza. 3 hours! It’s not like it’s an absolutely fantastic song either, just one that I’ve heard in clubs quite a lot and only found out the title and artist this morning (thanks again, Google). I’d buy it if it weren’t so old and therefore so expensive, and like most dance music artists there’s no album to buy, it seems.
The worst thing is that I’ve been first in the queue for 37 minutes now. Either someone is downloading one helluva file before me or I’m being pushed back in the queue. Pah.
If I was home I’d leave this as an overnight job but since I’m on dialup I’ll get disconnected in under an hour, thus putting me to the back of the queue again.
Update: It’s finally downloading. 3 1/2 hours later.


  1. Two things: Shazam on mobile phone number 2580 – just call, point your phone at the (loud) music and 30 seconds later have a text message with the name of the song and the artist.
    Second thing: BitTorrent. Find a good torrent source (such as ) and away you go. Annoying thing is that BitTorrent was designed to help distribution of large files such as the Linux installation CDs: but guess what I’m having to wait for 30hours+ to be downloaded via FTP. Yep Linux 🙁 . 30hours? Well, erm, my PC and net connection are taking a real hammering at the moment. First I’m going to have to upgrade to a hardware based firewall (so ZoneAlarm Pro doesn’t have to work so hard on my main machine) and ADSL router and then upgrade to 1Mbps ADSL. I sometimes feel sorry for you Neil being stuck on a poor dialup connection!

  2. Thanks Richy – I knew about Shazam but could never remember the number – it’s now in my address book :). Will have to give BitTorrent more of a spin at some point.