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Lighting up the sky

If Chris can have fireworks on his blog, then so can I:
Photograph of some fireworks exploding in the sky

  1. This wasn’t taken last night – instead it was taken on holiday in France back in July. There was a ‘Féstival Pyrotechnique’ pretty much outside our window one night so I got a few shots in.
  2. It’s not as good as Chris’ effort, but then it looks like Chris attacked his with PSP whereas bar a bit of cropping in IrfanView my effort is unchanged 🙂

Although it isn’t taken locally there have been plenty of opportunities to do so, thanks to the recent Hindu festival of Diwali (when there were some quite good shows) and some local idiots throwing fireworks around at all hours – even during the daytime, curiously. At least after Wednesday it’ll be much harder to get hold of them.

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