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Last night a Google saved my life

I was about to rant about how I’d forgotten to bring the driver CD for my Serial-USB adaptor through to Bradford, thus meaning that the photos I took last night were stuck on the camera. However, the fourth result for ‘XP driver USB Serial’ on Google had what I wanted, so my panic is over. Oh how I love Google :).
Update: And as it was this is a more up-to-date driver too, this time signed by Microsoft.
I am, however, quite amazed that hardware can be up and running within 20 seconds. 2 minutes is what I’m more used to.
Using this new machine has hammered home one fact – clock speed means almost nothing. If it was an accurate representation of how fast computers were, then I’d expect this to only be 2 1/3 times faster than before. It’s much faster than that. But then you can put that down to a more powerful graphics card, 400Mhz FSB (I think the old one had 66Mhz or something stupid), 256MB of RAM and more hard disk space for a large swap file. And 512k of L2 cache as opposed to just 128k.
Now I know what I’ve been missing.

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  1. the cache makes a load of difference. When i disabled it on a server it was taking at least 12 seconds to fire up the run dialog box after pressing windows-R, thats after waiting about 20 minutes for the thing to boot in the first place.