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Dude! You’re getting a Toshiba!

The good news: My Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 arrives tomorrow! All in, it was £655.06 – standard next day delivery was only £8.50.
The bad news: As a security precaution, the laptop has to be delivered to the billing address of the card used – which, in this case, was my Dad’s. Therefore, it has to go to my parents’ house. Which would be fine if either of them are in on Fridays, but they aren’t.
Of course, by the time I’d remembered this it was too late to cancel the order, so I had to leap on a train home and will be spending tomorrow waiting for it to arrive. Fortunately due to a couple of lecture cancellations I’m only missing one lecture – it’s one that I would have liked to have attended, but, heh. And at least I have my parents’ computer to play with this evening >:-) .


  1. Alright Tosh!
    That’s cheap 🙂

  2. It sure is – why do you think I was so keen to get it? 😉
    It’s ordered direct from Toshiba too.