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The state of play

Here’s some news on the laptop. I’ll order the Toshiba one tomorrow on my father’s credit card (I don’t have a credit card myself and since it’ll be more than £100 it will qualify for protection), and so hopefully that will be here next week.
My current one is now away in its laptop bag. For the time being I will hang on to it, and then debate sending it off to Dublin for repairs – yes, Samsung’s nearest service centre is in Ireland. Because it’s likely it’ll take a while, and because I was due to get a laptop in 6 months time anyway, I may as well get a new one now. Assuming that the old one can be repaired for something reasonable, I can then sell it – it’s unlikely I’ll get much for a broken laptop, whereas one that works of its age could fetch £100-200 on eBay. With a bit of luck, the repairs will be less than £100.
On the plus side, not having a computer to play with did give me motivation to do a few things that I’ve been putting off for a while now – tidying and vacuuming my room (which now looks so much cleaner), sending off parcels to people who won my eBay auctions at the weekend (so I am around £4 richer), and reading bits of the Guardian I’d left aside from earlier in the week.
I also watched Art Attack on ITV, seeing as I had nothing much better to do – I used to watch the programme as a child and was pleased to see that in 10+ years it has barely changed. Same presenter, same format and only a few subtle changes – the addition of a web site for example. Sometimes a little consitency in life is good.
Hopefully everything will be back on track soon – in the meantime I’ll be logging in from the computer labs and the library – the latter is open until midnight so it’s convinient for the evenings. I really have the urge to play Worms and relieve a bit of stress, but, as you can imagine, that’s not exactly possible. Ah well.

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