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Late night computing

You know, considering it’s gone quarter past nine in the evening, the computer labs are surprisingly busy. I’m spending my time here because there’s nothing interesting on TV and I’m lacking a good book to read. Remind me to buy a set of playing cards so I can play Solitaire again, albeit manually.
Seriously, I’m really worried about how much I’m missing the computer already. Admittedly today was (one of) my afternoon(s) off so I had a bit more time – normally I’d spend the afternoon and much of the evening doing something on the computer, but obviously that’s not on the cards now. It’s frustrating that as soon as I hit boredom, I turn to the computer for potential enlightenment, only to find it’s not there. And I already have a list of stuff to do once it gets back.
I guess you don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone.

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