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It is an ex-laptop. It has ceased to be.

Great. It appears my fan has pretty much given up the ghost, so after using the computer for around half an hour it shuts down to prevent itself overheating. Just what I need.
And, naturally, none of the computer places I tried would fix it – either because they ‘don’t do laptops’ or because the parts are too difficult to get hold of (apparently I need a whole new PSU or something). So it looks like I’ll be needing a new laptop.
While this could have come at worse times, it’s still pretty bad timing – I have two pieces of coursework in for either side of next weekend which need to be typed up, so it looks like I’ll have to resort to using the university’s facilities in the meantime. While the laptop still works (kinda), I don’t want to push my luck so I’m not going to use it until I have a replacement, just in case it goes completely and I have retrieve everything off the HD somehow.
As for the replacement, I’ve decided I will get another laptop – I do move around quite a bit and a desktop would be too bulky. I decided against going for an Apple – although PC World have a few G3 iBooks at around £700 they are, after all, only G3s, so they’re pretty old, and only come with OS X 10.1 thus requiring a costly update to Panther. The cheapest iBook G4 I’ve seen is £849 – way out of my/my parents’ budget, even if it does include Panther pre-installed.
The best I’ve seen is £549+VAT (adding VAT brings it to around £650) – it’s a Toshiba, which I gather is a good make, and has the following spec:

  • Mobile Intel Celeron 2.2Ghz processor – better than the ‘immobile’ 900Mhz Celeron I have at present
  • 256MB of RAM – again, double what I have now, and it’s upgradable to 1GB
  • 20GB HD – not huge, but still twice what I have now
  • 8-speed DVD-ROM drive – my present effort only does CDs
  • External USB floppy drive included – not ideal but I rarely use floppies anyway
  • 14.1″ display – same as what I have at present which is fine. Resolution up to 1024×768 – not brilliant but adequate
  • 16-64MB graphics
  • Li-ion battery lasting nearly 3 hours – better than my old Ni-MH effort which lost its ability to charge fully very quickly
  • 2 USB 2.0, parallel, 56k modem, ethernet, external monitor and headphone ports – same as before but USB 2.0 rather than 1.1.
  • 2x PCMCIA slots and 802.11b Wifi support
  • XP Home and WinDVD 2000

View the full spec here. If I can convince my parents to contribute some money I hope to get it.
The lack of a (working) computer in my room means that blog activity will be reduced for the next few days. I hope this will get sorted soon but I can’t promise anything. Blarg 🙁 .


  1. Not bad, but it’s missing bluetooth and gigabit networking. And does anybody actually need infrared these days? It’s not got that either.

  2. True, but never mind. I’ll get Bluetooth as and when I need it, which is not now since I have nothing else that uses it.

  3. If you see anything at that you like, let me know. I’m a reseller for them, and, blogger to blogger, I’ll sell it to you at what I can get it from them for.