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More spam in the machine

Another two comment spams. The first one looked innocent enough, but the name was something like ‘real estate in florida’ and the URL was to an estage agent. Having analysed access_log, it looks like however posted that was looking for a recent entry where they could post a comment and still look slightly conspicious. The referral was from – probably a good place to start because all the blogs that feature on the home page there are likely to have high pageranks on Google.
The other was posted to my Safari entry, which seems to be a bit of a magnet for spam. No referrer this time, and again, the comment would look alright if it weren’t for the URL put in at the end. Amusingly the spammer refreshed the page twice to see if it had posted, which, since I hadn’t approved it, it didn’t.

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  1. Slashdot has an interesting article link up about the topic here