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How apathetic are you?

Not bad, but could do better

You are mid-way between slack and active, which we suppose means you’re just a bit better than average. A kind of B+, could-do-better grade of activist. But no-one likes being middle-of-the-road, do they? Unless we’re talking standing in the middle of the road, shouting and waving placards! Like the sort of bring-down-top-up-fees activist you’re on the verge of becoming…

Diagnosis: you’re not so much political agitator as someone who’s agitated by politicans. But you could get a serious kick out of helping destroy the government’s plans to plunge tomorrow’s children (your children!) into huge amounts of debt.

Take the quiz. I’m still very much intent on going to the demonstration tomorrow, if only because we have a banner saying “Blair – I piss in your general direction” and “Charles Clarke – the traitor of Norwich (NCFC rule)” on it. You can’t accuse us of being unoriginal with our protest slogans, can you?

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