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Spam early, spam often

Fellow bloggers, I’d like some feedback. How often do you guys get comment spam?
After making various changes that I’ve posted about in the past (see this Spam category for an archive of postings on the subject), I’m now getting perhaps 1 item of comment spam per week. Is that high, low or normal?
I’m guessing that many other bloggers get hit more than I do, but it would be nice to see what the average is.


  1. Used to get about a doezen a week while I slept. Since the captcha install I’ve had a total of 4 – very wried ones but all by the same person for swiss watches. According to the logs the captcha caught the sucker out 6 times before he managed to post 🙂 Spamassassin caught the mails and played it’s sound affect to get my attention and they were gone within about 30 seconds.

  2. i get about one a week too although half the time i’m sure the spam bit is missing – the other day the comment just said “baghdad” and that was it. I often find the url link is the bit which is spammy and the body contains something like “nice site” or “me too”

  3. I’ve just started getting some the past few weeks. It looks like it will be around 1-2 a week if the trend holds.
    Have any place to go on information on how they are doing it (bots I mean)?

  4. Very rarely. Automated spambots haven’t learnt how to comment on blogs running Pivot yet, so it tends to be only real people who are usually advertising something related to my blog – which I actually enjoy.