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Mozilla 1.5 – a blast from the past

Even though the trunk has just frozen for Mozilla 1.6 Alpha, I finally got around to updating my copy of classic Mozilla to 1.5 final. Since switching full-time to Firebird and Thunderbird, I’ve hardly used their big brother, so I felt a little play around this morning was called for.
I now know why I switched: Firebird and Thunderbird are so much nicer to use. Mozilla’s default theme is ugly, the preferences dialog is confusing (or at least it is after a few months with FB), and the ‘tab loading’ animation looks really jerky compared to the smooth transitions usually shown on. What’s worse is that my favourite Orbit 3+1 theme hasn’t been updated for it :’-( .
One new thing that did make me chuckle was on the help menu – there’s now a special page in the help file to help Internet Explorer users get used to the different layout :). Of course, FB and TB work in a way that is closer to IE anyway, but it seems like more of an attempt at revenge at the Help menu item for Netscape users in IE.
I really hope that 1.6 finally sees Seamonkey (the old browser suite) replaced by the *Bird applications – it will do wonders for Mozilla’s image.

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