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Monday Mission 3.41

This was last week’s Monday Mission, which in the end was published last Friday, so doing it the Wednesday afterwards is probably fitting. While I don’t normally do the MM, I got pinged by PromoGuy earlier in the week so I’ll do this in return. It’s an interesting subject too.

1. Have you ever accidentally deleted something from your website or otherwise screwed it up? Share your tales of woe, won’t you?

I’ve done it a few times. Most recently I overwrote a long and detailed review of FeedDemon with another entry – I’d not clicked the ‘New Entry’ button and just written another entry in its place. It’s a pity because I was proud of that review…

2. When was the last time you did a total backup of your website (including databases) to store offline? Do you have some sort of schedule set up?

I believe my host has some kind of backup scheme in place. The most important part of the site are these entries so I try to back them up from MT as often as possible. That said, it’s been some weeks since I last did a backup.

3. If your entire site was deleted, and there was no way to restore it, what would you do? Would you start over? Give up? How would it impact your life?

I’d be very annoyed, but I imagine I’d start again. Fortunately having backups and the Internet Archive I should be okay.

4. Just what do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Why are you doing it? To make the world a better place, to satisfy your own vanity or what? Is the time you spend blogging really “time well spent?”

I’ve learned a heck of a lot of stuff thanks to blogging. You only have to look at how this site looked in the early days to see how my HTML coding skills have improved, and much of that is thanks to stuff I’ve read via other blogs or learnt myself and blogged for future reference. So it’s time well spent :).
In a way, I also think that I am perhaps making the world a better place. Take for example my post about Ogg Vorbis in iTunes – while Ken actually found the site, by blogging it here a couple of people now have more powerful copies of iTunes. Okay so it’s a small scale thing but I’d like to think that I’ve made people happy by doing this. It’s certinaly given me a lot of enjoyment over the past 21 months.

5. Do you think having your own web site/blog has changed you as a person?

As I said above, yes, it has. It’s also made me more aware of what I say and how it affects people.

6. Do you let Google index your site? Do you often search certain topics on Google to see your rankings? What are some of the good and bad things about being listed in Google?

Much of my traffic comes from Google, so I’d be mad to block it. It’s often interesting, and sometimes even amusing to see how people get here and what search terms they use. I do get some silly comments but they tend to get nuked – the number of worthwhile comments far exceeds the spam.

7. What do you think of the “Blog Buddy System” idea? Do you have a “Blog Buddy” in your life? Would you like one? Have you ever thought about what would happen to your site if you died and who would tell your readers?

Andy has a login for this site so that he can review comments if I’m away, and I think he can post entries too so in a way he would be my “blog buddy” (eck, that phrase makes me cringe). Although Ciaran let me post to his site before I never saved the password so if he passed away I couldn’t help him.

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