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One foot in the gravy

There’s a saying that if you’re the sort of person who picks up a TV guide for Saturday night and decides that there’s nothing good to watch, then you are getting old. For me, this has been the case for some time. Should I have already ordered my tweed slippers, pipe and hearing aid?
That said, there is the The Big Read on at the moment but my brain is having trouble functioning this evening so it may be a little too high-brow for me to handle on this occasion. I imagine a combination of going to bed at 3am, having to get up at 8:30am and then spending the day back home in York had something to do with it.
Fortunately I have no specific plans for tomorrow so I have the perfect excuse for denying the existence of Sunday morning.

One Comment

  1. Wouldn’t catch me with a paper TV guide.
    We watched some stuff recoded by the Sky+ as there was nothing good on last night.