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It was worth a try

If you were wondering, I wasn’t offered an interview for the placement I applied for. Looks like I won’t be working for IBM next year, then. Still, plenty more fish in the sea :).

The film I saw last night was Ali G Indahouse, which came out last year. It was worth waiting a bit to see it – having spent a year living in Bradford I understand more of the visual gags than I would have done in my somewhat more protected life back in York. It wasn’t a bad film, even if some moments did make me cringe and that the ending wasn’t that great. But I did enjoy it, and it was worth spending £2 to go and see it. Next week is Final Destination 2 – I’m not really into horror films so I may or may not go to it. The films in the following weeks are both ones I’ve seen already (28 Days Later and LOTR: The Two Towers).

Tomorrow I’m (probably) meeting up with some friends back in York, so although I’m almost certainly going out tonight I’ll try to take it relatively easy.

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  1. Final Destination2 is a great film – pretty gory though.