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Do my comments look big in this?

I’ve tinkered with the way comments and trackbacks are displayed, and would like some feedback on whether you like it or not. This entry probably shows the changes off best. Please let me know if it’s an improvement, or if you have any issues with it.
I think it looks cool, but if you beg to differ, speak up!
Update: Thanks for the comments so far. I’ve adjusted the spacing so it isn’t quite so spread out (although I prefer the ‘uncluttered’ look personally). Please let me know if this is an improvement.
Also, you may notice that I’ve provided permalinks to all posted comments and received trackback pings. They’ve been there all along but you had to scurry around in the page source to find out what they were. Additionally the number of words in an entry is included in the grey text on the entry page, along with the date and time that the entry was posted at. I have no idea whether it’s useful to anyone but I thought I’d include it anyway…
Oh, and as it is, most browsers will print the page out without any styling anyway, so deforestation due to excess paper being used as a result of my sparse design shouldn’t be an issue :).


  1. it makes the page very long as there is a lot of white space there Neil – think of the trees when printing!

  2. Looks good, but looks way tooo big 🙁 Maybe less padding around the actual comment…

  3. I liked them before. The problem that I see is that they comments are formatted just link the entry and this is starting to look like an entry archive for a bunch of entries.
    Just my two cents. But I’m looking at it in MSIE 6 right now, so maybe it’s a bit different in Moz.