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Windows XP SP2

Paul Thurrott, columnist and the brains behind SuperSite for Windows, has written an article about what to expect in Windows XP Service Pack 2. It’s been over a year since SP1 came out, and it’s likely that SP2 won’t ship until early next year.
That said, according to the article you can expect the following changes:

  • An improved firewall, which is turned on by default and now includes outbound protection (like just about every other personal firewall already out there has for ages). A welcome improvement as this should stifle annoyances like the Blaster worm and its descendents.
  • A new version of Windows Update
  • New memory management code for defeating common buffer overrun attacks. Again, this is a welcome improvement from a security point of view.

The first service pack for Windows Server 2003 will be released around the same time. Meanwhile the big BG has admitted that Longhorn will be delayed and may or may not be out in 2005. Reports on the web suggest 2006 is more likely. Longhorn, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is the next major release of Windows (after XP). SuperSite for Windows has some screenshots of some of the recent alpha builds, including the new ‘Aero’ look.

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