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The big day

Today’s the day – Mozilla 1.5, Firebird 0.7 and Thunderbird 0.3 are all finally released, along with a new version of the website, designed by the guy behind Mezzoblue. Phew!
At the moment is being hammered, so I’m downloading Firebird from the UK Mirror Service – if you’re having trouble, try this URL for it. It doesn’t yet have Mozilla or Thunderbird up, only Firebird, but I guess they’ll arrive soon, probably later today or tomorrow.


  1. The try yhis url is broken atm.

  2. It works for me…
    Though admittedly being on the same bit of the internet backbone as it may explain things.

  3. nope, there is no .7 directory (on the uk mirror link). Using a javascript link to download the file on the main website is a bit naughty.

  4. I tried downloading Firebird but I just couldnt get it to run.