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Sucky websites

You know, considering the BCS is supposed to be the UK’s only professional society for people involved in IT, you’d expect it to have a better site.

Firstly, you’d expect it to validate, which it doesn’t. Admittedly there are only a few minor errors when put through the W3C’s validator but then it’s only using HTML 4.01 and not in a way that would cause Gecko browsers to render it in Standards-compliance mode.

You may also expect it to be accessible. It’s not. Okay, so it isn’t bad (tables have summaries and all images have alt text) but it would never make the WCAG priority 1.
Then there’s the use of frames… frames! How outdated are they? Not to mention an accessibility nightmare.

The code itself is tag soup. There are stylesheets included, but it’s a mess of tables and font tags.

Finally, not all pages work in all browsers. I wanted to update my email address, but because the link to update your email address requires some obscure JavaScript function which Mozilla doesn’t support, I had to resort to using IE. Since their journal has, in the past, featured articles about how good Linux is, you’d have thought they would have tested the site out in a Linux browser. But no, obviously not.

If this was any other site I wouldn’t be so annoyed, but an organisation like this really could be setting a better example.

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