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Solaris 8 Screenshots

If you’ve ever wondered what Sun’s Unix variant looked like, here’s your chance. I took a few screenshots in the lab today and uploaded them. I mainly did this for someone I chat to who has never seen Solaris before, but you guys might also be interested.
All shots are 640×480 pixels, resized down from 1280×1024 which is what the terminals operate at.

  • Login screen
  • Splash screen shown whilst the system logs you in
  • CDE desktop
  • CDE with Netscape running


  1. I like that look – especially with the massive monitors you tend to get. I installed litestep yesterday on the laptop which gives a similar look and feel although at 1600* resolution the fonts are TINY.

  2. Hmm… not bad, thanks! Although, I think Sun will really improve things whenever they finally move over to a GNOME based desktop (project MadHatter d.b.a. Java Desktop looks nice, although could use some more work).