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Phone Phrenzy

With my Vodafone contract due to run out in January, and suddenly turn expensive (since I’m on a ridiculously good introductory offer), I’ve been on the look out for better deals. Armed with a pen and paper, I visted the sites for O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin, OneTel and Tesco Mobile to see who could offer me the best deal.
Although I’m on a contract at present having looked at the offers available it’s likely that I’ll be going back to Pay-as-you-Go – most of these contracts start at £15/month and don’t really give you much for that. Tesco’s Pay as you Go seems about the best, and certainly the simplest – 20p/min to all phones and 10p to text, however it’s only 10p and 5p respectively to your three favourite phone numbers. There’s no monthly fee, you can top-up anywhere (and get clubcard points), and the SIM card costs £10. You can even keep your existing number for free. Looks like Tesco have me sold on that.
Which reminds me – T-Mobile’s site annoyed the heck out of me. Too many unavoidable flash intros that took an age to download. Not good.


  1. I paid 12 months rental up front for a sim on tmobile and after 1 month get the lot back in a cheque. 13.99 a month for 750mins offpeak and 50 texts a month. bargain seeing as though most my calls are off peak! Email me for more details if you want it and yes their site is awful – practically unusable in firebird.

  2. oh – and the half price on 3 numbers offer on tesco is only good if the other numbers are tesco mobiles – read the small print!

  3. Actually they can be landlines too, which would suit me. That T-Mobile offer looks good but do you have to continue paying £13.99/month after 1 year? I don’t really want to have to change my number every year…

  4. yes you do, but you could always get another plan (i’m on my second “rent free” pay monthly plan). The best thing is that the spammers who sent to your old phone no longer have the information. (and you get to listen to funny messages for people who had the number before you and who don’t listen to the “hey this is ANDY leave a message”)

  5. Fresh network at is pretty good.
    15p for the first min and 5 for every minute thereafter, for Mobile phones on the Fresh Network or landlines
    35p per minute for other mobile phones
    10p for text
    I just call landlines and text other phones so it works well. The sim card costs

  6. O2 have a pay as you go mobile with 300 free texts every month when you put

  7. andy!!!!! i tried mailing u but silly old me cudnt do it. is the site u talking about forward celular by chance? and are u jus working for them?!?!