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Comment spam – again

Great Site Folks! I have another big **** site for you which is really the #1 big **** site – check it out, its full of big **** !! here’s the link: Big ****

You can guess the word I censored out. It wasn’t a swear word (rather a slang term for ‘mammarial glands’ ) but I’m worried that if I left it as it was, comment spammers would search for it and I’d continue to be hit (since they assume that because it appears on the blog I won’t remove spam and therefore I’ll offer valid contributions to their pageranks).

Analysis of this latest comment spammer suggests that they are going after entries in the format http://[domain]/archives/######.html – the default for MT. Now while my more recent entries are immune, since I use /entries/ rather than /archives/ , I spent a lot of time getting the first 350 entries to redirect to their new locations. That said, they’ve been 302 (temporary) redirects since March, and 301 (permanent) since 31st August, and it may well be that in a couple of weeks they become 410 (gone), since I think two months is an acceptable timeframe for any search engine crawlers to fix the URLs in their databases.

So, what’s my latest comment spam prevention tip? Don’t use /archives/ . Use /entries/ , /posts/ or have a custom setup that doesn’t involve the entry ID. That goes in hand with renaming the mt-comments.cgi file and removing common terms like “Remember Personal Info?” from entry pages and comment listings, which are my other tips.

As it is, the same guy has been hitting various guestbooks too – Google has over 1000 results for his name.


  1. I got that same exact spam at my site today. annoying! later

  2. I got hit as well (along with a few other spammers).

  3. I didn’t this time. I wonder why?

  4. While spamming this blog is futile because I review all comments before posting, it’s still annoying to have to go and delete spam – having it not there in the first place is what I want to achieve.
    That said, I wouldn’t go down the route that you have gone, Chris, due to the accessibility issues. I hope you find a better solution, such as confirming the comment with an email or membership (you have to be a member to post). Or something like that.

  5. Fucking spammers

    Ugh… Just got 35 comments in from some asshat peddling a titty site. It’s been going on for roughly 2…

  6. Yeah, I got hit by this guy as well. Hopefully MT-Blacklist will be available tomorrow so I can do soemthing about it effectively.