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What $87 billion looks like

In the days of plastic money, it can be easy to forget just how large certain sums of money are, so this page will help you get a feel for just how big $87 billion is. $87 billion is the amount of money that Dubya wants to the US taxpayers to pay towards rebuilding Iraq.
It goes on to show you how big $166 billion is, which is the total amount of money spent in Iraq and Afghanistan by this time next year. That’s $568 for every man, woman and child in the US, or nearly $28 (£17) for every person in the world as a whole.
With the whole pullava about the lack of WMDs (other than that vial of Botox, nothing), the number of troops and civilians killed and now this, I’m really starting to think that this war was a very, very bad idea. Think what kind of state-run healthcare system you could set up in America with that kind of money.

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