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That old spam…

I visited, and noticed that you’re not listed on some search engines!

Sorry Stephen, it looks like I run your web site now >:-). (I’m joking of course)
Of course this email is a con – even Google gets them – and even if there are 300 000 search engines and directories out there, I wonder how many are:

  • Actually relevant to the site’s focus? (no point in submitting this weblog to a web directory for cheese collecting sites)
  • Share their data – there are over 360 sites that we know of using ODP Data legally (and other 700 who may be using illegally).
  • Actually worth submitting to? (no point in submitting to a search engine no-one has heard of nor uses)

Google’s SEO page offers some very good advice, in my opinion – if you’re looking for someone to do your web marketing for you, consult that first before you start making inquiries.

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