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More news from the patent world

Yesterday, Microsoft announced it would change its browser to cope with patents conditions from another company. Now it’s possible that other companies will have to change their products because MS have been granted a patent.
According to CNet (via Chris), Microsoft now own a patent “for an instant messaging feature that notifies users when the person they are communicating with is typing a message.” While this functionality has been in MSN since the client was first released over 4 years ago (IIRC), Yahoo added support for it not long afterwards, and programs like Trillian also feature it on networks where it is supported.
There’s still no word on whether MS will do anything with this patent yet, but we shall see. You have to remember that AOL owns a patent on the whole concept of instant messaging yet they haven’t used that to shut down rival services.
In other news, California shoots itself in the foot by electing a womanising aging movie-star to run the world’s fifth largest economy, and that Typepad has been officially launched with a few new features. There’s a 3-minute clip on an interview with Ben and Mena on CNN to download too.

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  1. I’m going to write something to send my blog entries to slashdot. this is the third time I’ve blogges something and seen a /. thread later on 😀