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Not looking so smart

One of the AdSense adverts on Google Weblog when I last looked was for Looksmart, offering pay-per-click results on MSN Search. This comes a day after Microsoft drops Looksmart results from its search tool (or rather, MS won’t renew its contract with Looksmart when it runs out). How ironic.
Never really liked Looksmart anyway. I did sign up for Zeal and passed the test first time, but never did anything much after that.
By the way, on the subject of MS is The Old New Thing, found via Joel on Software (aka the guy who saved Firebird). It’s a blog that answers many of those odd questions you had about Windows development but could never find the answers for. Check out the ‘History’ category for some very interesting and occasionally amusing articles about how the UI for Windows 95 was developed and why things are the way they are.
Which remains me, I must stop referring to the System Tray…

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