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New developer version of IE available

You know that IE patent that Eolas sued MS for? Well, if you have Windows XP SP1 installed, you can go to the IE Update site, scroll down, and test drive a version of IE6 which has been modified to satisfy the conditions of the patent.
According to MozillaZine, the change will “essentially amount to forcing the user to press an OK button before loading each ActiveX control”. The Mozilla Foundation have issued a press release on the issue – as yet there will be no changes to any Mozilla-based products since Eolas haven’t approached them. It’s unlikely too – after all, MS is a huge corporation worth billions of dollars, whereas the Mozilla Foundation doesn’t make a profit and any sizable legal bill will probably make it bankrupt, so it’s probably not a worthy target.
The MozillaZine article also has some other useful links on the subject.

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