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How do you expect to defeat me, when you are but a virus?

In the end, I did make it to lectures today, and seemed to survive them okay. I even managed a trip into town, to buy various odds and ends, namely three birthday cards, a box of tissues (you can probably guess why) and a two-pin AC adaptor so that I can actually have a shave.
Two of the cards are for an acquaintance in lectures who turns 21 tomorrow – one is from me and the other will be from someone else. Of course, I hadn’t realised just how difficult it was to find a 21st birthday card that didn’t mention alcohol, but in the end I managed to find something a little more subdued. The other is for my grandma who turns 81 next Tuesday.
The adaptor is down to the fact that, unlike last year, I don’t have a separate razor socket, although I didn’t actually realise this until I tried to have a shave today, realised the battery was flat and then realised there was nothing I could plug it in to.
I reckon I should be back to my usual self tomorrow but I’ll take it easy over the next few days just in case.

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