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Email address change

This is a note to anyone who has the email address neilturner[at]myrealbox[dot]com in their address books – can you please change it to neil[at]neilturner[dot]me[dot]uk. I’m phasing out the MyRealBox address and intend to stop using it by the time 2004 rolls around. I’ve got almost all of my newsletter subscriptions switched over and I think most people in my address book now know where to point any mail for me.
Still suffering from the dreaded ‘flu although I’m feeling somewhat better today than I did yesterday. That said, I’ve barely left my room at all today – the only excursion outside was to the shops to buy lunch and a paper. I did at least manage to eat something today and thus break my involuntary 40-hour fast, although my stomach is still feeling a little off at the moment. Thankfully having a laptop means I can sit it on my bedside table and browse under the warmth of my rather fetching purple fleece blanket.
Whether I go in tomorrow for lectures remains to be seen – I don’t start until the afternoon. That said most of the material is on the university intranet so I can easily download it and do it in the relative comfort of my own bed.