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I love you, paracetamol

Just when my cold was finally easing off, along came the ‘flu. I’ve spent the past 12 hours cooped up in bed with a headache, sore throat, random fluctuations in body temperature, aching joints and a waterfall of snot coming out of my nose.
That said, thanks to a paracetamol tablet my aches have eased somewhat, so I’ve actually been able to get out of bed and tidy the mess of clothes, blanket and duvet on the floor. Half past midnight does seem an odd time to do it but then I have been asleep for the best part of 12 hours already.
The most annoying thing was that I had to clock out of helping out on the open day a good 3 1/2 hours early because of this – I basically made it midday before deciding that really this wasn’t such a good idea. I will earn some money but not as much I’d hoped 🙁 .
Hopefully I’ll be feeling much better by Monday afternoon, when I’m back in lectures. The most annoying thing was that I was due to have a ‘flu injection next week, which would have stopped this from happening in the first place. Ah well.

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  1. Don’t you hate the way it always happens on the weekend?