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My life of late

It’s been a couple of days since I last briefed you on how my life is progressing so for those of you who don’t visit just for the technical hoo-ha and are actually interested in what I do with my spare time, here’s one for you.

Wednesday night in Manchester was alright. 5th Avenue is a good club, and the drinks were insanely cheap – 70p a bottle, although barely any of them were brand names. The music wasn’t all to my taste – while I can cope with a half-hour alternative set on a Friday night, having a whole 4 hours of it is a little excessive. Admittedly it was interspersed with American RnB but that wasn’t really a good thing – I’ve really got tired of that genre and now try to avoid nights which play solely urban music as a result. It’s a pity because British RnB (artists like Misteeq and Ms Dynamite) are quite good, and Soulful (old-school) Garage is quite good (see Dreem Teem, Artful Dodger, N’n’g and… err… Misteeq). Anyhow, it was good to see my friends again, and meet a few new people.
The only downer was not getting much sleep, and then having to come back and do lectures. Let’s put it this way – I was in bed before 10pm last night to compensate. Still, it was nice to see Qi again on BBC2 – having been at the cinema on Thursdays over the past few weeks has meant that I’ve missed it. It’s nice to see a more high-brow panel game, although I do enjoy watching They Think It’s All Over too, which is at the opposite end of the genre.
Today was a 9am start (I’d have really appreciated a lie-in, but no luck), but I finished at 12 so I’ve spent the afternoon washing and ironing, after Monday’s mishap with the washer (yes, I put washing powder in this time… ). Although I want to go out tonight, I’m really too tired, and tomorrow I’m working (Open Days rule!) so I need to be able to wake up at 8:30am. If I go out, that ain’t gonna happen.
A couple of weeks back I made the decision to join the Scrapie, the student magazine. (Yes, everything in Bradford has something to do with sheep. I have no idea why.) I’ll probably spend tonight writing a feature article which I’ve had brewing in my head for a couple of days, which hopefully will make it into the next issue. It’s not actually related to anything in the theme for that issue, but, heh. It should be available online too, if and when it gets published.
By the way, I’ve taken the notice about bandwidth usage down. Although I am over the limit, my host has not contacted me about it, and obviously the site still works. And it’s now the third of October and the counter hasn’t reset, so presumably it isn’t working anyway.
Anyway, the thought of some pasta sauce with a big pile of spaghetti is looking increasingly attractive, so I’d better go and get myself some food. That said, I have a pile of vouchers for the branch of Subway over the road which have to be used up by Sunday…


  1. Who do you host with ?
    Burning the candle at both ends will burn your fingers. Doing it right will give you hot wax to play with – Enjoy!

  2. Easy Internet Services are currently hosting me (URL corrected 🙂 ). Richy works there.

  3. (corporate hat on)
    The link is actually by the way 😉 The network technicians have been alerted to the irregularity of the bandwidth affecting some user accounts and are investigating – it will be reset as soon as we’ve figured out exactly what’s causing the “obviously too high” displays and affected accounts have been “tagged” so they won’t be suspended by accident – so there is no need to worry at this point…
    (corporate hat off sortof)
    Personally, I blame Ensim Pro (the control panel software) as we’ve yet to experience this on the servers which drive our other service (which I’m not naming because I refuse to advertise unnecessarily on third party sites).
    (corporate hat off totally)
    Oh, and Neil, I will respond to your email as soon as I get a chance. I’m in the process of trying to figure out what to do with all my “personal” email addresses – the spam on my personal domain name has now reached “stupid limits” (9000 per day now) and hence I’m having to decide whether to dump the domain and move everything over to my new SpamAssassin enabled server or what… In the meantime, my emails nearly inaccessible 🙁

  4. Thanks Richy. Having read your blog, if I ever set up a web server I’d never use Ensim based on your experiences :).
    I’ll start to worry when the ‘YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED’ emails arrive, but thanks for letting me know I can sleep in peace :).

  5. Cpanel is quite good IMHO – only wish we had an easy way to port our Ensim customers over to it without breaking scripts/logins etc…
    On a “single user system”, Webmin/Usermin is good – but try and get newbies to understand something that simple….