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Miranda Meanderings

Thanks to Miranda IM, which has improved considerably since I last tried it, I’m now contactable via AOL (totalxsiva) and Jabber (totalxsive [at] again, along with MSN. As I’ve said before, I can only use IRC and Jabber with Trillian on this connection (probably due to firewalling by the university), so I gave up and went back to the official MSN 6.0 client. I’m still using that for MSN connectivity since it won’t work through Miranda, and ICQ seems to fail too, however a new MSN plugin was released yesterday so I’ll have a play with it. There’s no Yahoo support as yet, it seems, due to Yahoo changing their system a few days ago.
Considering that Miranda only needs around 1.5MB of memory to run idle, I’m happy to have it running since it won’t impact performance.
Update: Still no-go with the new MSN plugin but I got ICQ to work by setting it to connect to the ICQ servers using a random port number. Now I just have to work out who everyone is – in Trillian it uses the nickname specified by the user and can be manually customised, whereas Miranda just seems to use the number. All I know is that Chris (Pirillo) has the really short one…

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  1. Not sure if I read it right but Miranda does allow you to customize user names in your contact list.
    options > contact display