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Myriad of Musings

I seem to be having bandwidth issues at the moment, apparently. I will get them sorted, don’t you worry.
There isn’t a huge amount of juicy gossip to report here, since I haven’t done much lately that isn’t general run-of-the-mill stuff. That said, now that it’s October, I can actually spend money since I don’t have to wait for the interest on my current account to accumulate, and, as such, I have around £1800 to spend this week – tuition fees, rent, books and food. The books alone are going to cost in the region of £65, and that’s by shopping around. A bulk order from Amazon would have cost a further £35 🙁
Today is my day off and tonight I’m going on my third train journey of the week, back to Manchester again. I’m meeting up with some friends there and going to 5th Avenue, which apparently is mostly frequented by students and plays mostly chart and indie music, which sounds alright to me. Again, since I have money, I can actually buy drinks this time, although I’m aiming to back in lectures at 1pm tomorrow so I don’t want to get completely trolleyed.
Finally, Mozilla news – there’s been a security bug fixed in the code. I have no idea what the issue is because my Bugzilla account is not authorised to view the bug (presumably for safety reasons) but hopefully, if this bug is in any other variants of the Mozilla clan it’ll be fixed in those too. Good thing it was discovered now though – another week and it might have been too late because the various programs would have been released already.


  1. Neil, how much do you spend on hosting monthly?

  2. Hmm .. that’s not too bad.
    check out . They’re affiliated with but have much better plans, I believe.