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BeOS Lives!

Yesterday’s LG Tech Specialist had a link to BeOS 5 PE Max Edition v3, which is the third major revision of a reworked version of BeOS 5 Personal Edition.
Be Inc ceased development of BeOS, a free Unix-based operating system, some time ago, which is a shame because I remember it being quite good when I tried it a couple of years ago. However, as you can see, there is a group who are keeping it up-to-date with new drivers, new software and updates to existing applets where appropriate. This latest version includes a variety of games and programs, including a BeOS version of Mozilla 1.5 beta.
I’d try it again, but I still don’t think BeOS will ever get taken seriously. That, and I’d rather donate that space to Linux, which is being taken increasingly seriously.
While we’re on the subject of Unix-derivates, I got to play with Solaris yesterday in labs. Admittedly through Exceed (which basically opens a graphical telnet session with the machine), but it was interesting nonetheless. That said, it looked very retro.

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