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Today isn’t going so well so far. Firstly, I need to do my washing today, but checked my wallet and didn’t have enough change to do two loads (I have 10 days worth of clothes, both sets of towels since one set didn’t get washed last week, set of bedclothes, teatowels and oven gloves, all of which won’t go in one machine). So I went out to buy a sandwich from the shop, got enough change, came back to my hall, put my keycard in the reader and… red light. Eugh.
Apparently I have an old keycard and therefore should have a new one, but evidently I don’t, so I had to get it reprogrammed for the second time in two weeks. Carry my extremely heavy basket of clothes down to the laundrette, load up the machines, put my money in, start them up, and then realise that I didn’t put any soap powder in one of them. Of course, by now, the door on the machine has locked so I can’t do anything about it for another 40 minutes.
Check my wallet, and see that I don’t have enough change for another wash, and only just enough to dry the clothes, so the words ‘it’ and ‘sod’ come to mind.
Get back, post about the Weekly Wrapup, and then thanks to a server hiccup end up posting the entry twice. And naturally I deleted the copy that I sent the trackbacks from, so I then had to set up an Apache redirect to fix it. First attempt results in 500 Internal Server Error.
And it’s only 11:30am. Today could be fun…

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