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After making my weekly pilgrimage to the FND last night, where I suceeded in denting no more than a fiver, I had set my alarm clock to go off at 9am this morning, since I was due to meet my parents in Manchester for lunch and needed time to get ready. So I was somewhat annoyed when I actually woke up at 10am, completely missing my alarm and allowing me only 20 minutes to get my puny arse down to the station.
Naturally, I just missed my train, which was annoying because it was a half hour wait for the next one which could have been spent having a shower or something. Anyway, I finally got to Manchester around midday and met up with my parents in a branch of La Tasca on Deansgate. After filling myself up with tapas and chocolate fudge cake (not at the same time) we went shopping, where I bought some underpants. Seriously though, I only have 7 pairs – which is fine if I’m able to wash on the same day every week but that’s not always possible. Having a few extra pairs means I can wash slightly less than weekly without having to the wear the same pair two days running – I may be a student but I do have some hygiene standards. And besides, ‘I’ve been wearing the same underpants two days running’ isn’t the best chat up line, now is it?
Anyway, I’m back here again, feeling absolutely knackered although somewhat refreshed after having a shower. Tonight is going to be an early night since I’ve been a little over-economical with sleep the over the past few days.


  1. So far this weekend, we’ve done 12 loads of washing and ironing, 2 loads of dieing, 24 dinners for the kids (nanny could present can’t cook won’t cook), washed the cars mowed the lawns, washed/hovered floors, taken out th rubbish 4 times and rented a movie.
    Today I’m lopping down a bush/tree (I only do gardening that involves powertools), making soup, swimming with the kids and fixing this bloody PC.
    You Stuuudentss have it so easy.

  2. You’re only saying that because you’re jealous 😐