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Mozilla Foundation offering telephone support

The slightly surprising announcement that end-user telephone support will soon be available for Mozilla is further evidence that Mozilla is now flourishing after AOL spun it off. Now that it is free from the shackles of being Netscape’s little brother, Mozilla can aim itself at home and corporate users and not just nerdy geeks, and this is exactly the sort of thing it needs.
While $40 per incident is pricy, corporations who want to talk to a real person when diagnosing problems will find it invaluable, and I’m sure it will help take-up in the corporate arena. Mozilla is already the browser of choice in most Linux distros, and will probably replace Netscape Communicator in those companies still using it when they get around to upgrading, seeing as Netscape is no longer being updated.
Mozilla 1.5 RC2 is also out.

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  1. As mentioned on the mozillazine article (at least in the comments), this phone support is for end users.
    Corporations usually have people that can figure our the easier problems, and if it’s something tricky that requires a more in depth knowledge of Mozilla, the phone line people can’t help with that.