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Miscellaneous links from around the web

The Biochemistry of hangovers – a useful article which explains what you suffer when you have a hangover and why. It also suggests what to use to ease the symptons. Of course, not getting trolleyed in the first place is a good way to avoid a hangover…
My Porn Name will tell you what name you should pick should you ever wish to become a porn star, although because it has the word ‘porn’ in it, I can’t view it on this connection so I can’t tell you if it’s any good :(. Chris is ‘Adam Rider’, apparently. I’ve never really wanted to be a porn star – while I hear the money is good, I just haven’t got enough going for me down there.
Which leads me nicely into Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?, a blog written by someone who is seeing if these things actually make your manhood any more substantial. 6 weeks in and there doesn’t appear to much difference, but we’ll see.
On the software front new versions of 7-Zip and Inno Setup are available, and this week I’ve been mostly listening to the rather sublime “Wilderness” by Jurgen Vries featuring Shena. You probably already know that I’m a big Darren Tate fan, and while this isn’t his best song it is certainly a piece of musical brilliance. In my mind, anyway.
Talking of music, albeit not musical brilliance, Scary Duck has a selection of music that should be banished. I have to agree on the B52s – “Love Shack” has to be the single most annoying song ever. I suppose it could be better if it weren’t for that odd guy butting in and saying “Love Shack Baby!” at inconvinient points in the song. But banning it altogether would be better still.


  1. I’m surprised that Scary Duck didn’t include, in the list, the theme from Titanic – ‘This song will go on (and on, and on)’ by Celene Dion.

  2. Actually you could easily replace that with any song by Celine Dion, and it’d still be worthy of inclusion on that list.