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Yahoo locks out Trillian

CNet reports that Yahoo has blocked access to its Messenger network from Trillian users, and indeed the issue has been confirmed by Cerulean Studios – at time of writing, the forums were down and had been replaced by a message which tells you how to stop Trillian from connecting to Yahoo until a fix is found. Darn Yahoo.
There’s no Friday Five this week, so I’m passing the time cleaning up some of my older entries. Hopefully soon almost all entries will accept trackback pings, belong to a category and have an excerpt. I originally started this months ago but never finished it, so I’m playing catch-up.


  1. Thanks, I was wondering about the Trillian problem I just heard about.

  2. I had to disable my Yahoo account in Trillian as well. This sucks, why is it that M$ and Yahoo do not want to work with the rest of the world?
    FWIW, Fire has been updated to work with the changes in the Yahoo IM.

  3. Like this?
    Can you drop me a mial to check the MX on too please?