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Thunderbird 0.3 RC2

It seems like I missed at least one Thunderbird build, because 0.3 RC2 is now the most current version available, which I’ve installed. No showstoppers yet, but then there never have been – the 0.3 version number is only justified by a few missing features and not because of the program’s stability as it seems almost rock solid to me. Mozilla 1.5 RC2 and the final release of 1.4.1 are imminent, delayed only by FTP server issues.
One tip for UK users – The UK Mirror Service mirrors so if you need any Mozilla-related downloads you may wish to go there first as it may well be faster. Similarly SourceForge and are mirrored, which is very useful when you consider how big OpenOffice is. Most Linux distros are on there too.
Talking of OpenOffice, I now have 1.1 RC5 installed, seeing as I can get broadband from the university library if I need it. The whole 63.5MB package took just 15 minutes to download, which rounds off at a rather tasty 70KB/sec download rate. In actual fact it the speed should be nearer 100KB/sec but it wasn’t consistent. Still, 70 is better than 5.4…

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