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Now where did I put that al-Samoud…

While Steve Bell always does brilliant cartoons, this is one of his better ones. I’ve generally kept quiet about the Iraq war and its aftermath, mainly because I tend to avoid political discussions here anyway. So, if you’re wondering about my opinions, here is a brief crib sheet:

  • The war should not have gone ahead in the manner it did.
  • Saddam Hussein is a tyrant but could maybe have been disposed of using other methods.
  • The case for war was based on flawed evidence.
  • The coalition have made a right old cock up of getting order restored.
  • Thousands of Iraqi people should still be alive.
  • As should many UK and US soldiers.
  • As a result of this I am less likely to vote Labour in the next election.

While we’re at the Guardian, there’s an article about how two Muslim girls in France were suspended from school for wearing headscarves, which to me is political correctness gone mad. While I appreciate France is trying to be a seculist state, which in general is a good thing, I think this is a step too far. I see nothing wrong with headscarves, in the same way that I don’t mind Christians who choose to wear the symbol of the cross or Sikhs who wear turbans, or atheists who wear ‘Jesus Hates You’ t-shirts (might have to get one of those, actually…). I’m also a bit annoyed that Muslim women are asked to remove their headscarves for identity cards – as long as you can see their face it shouldn’t matter, should it? Obviously being fully veiled would undermine the usefulness of the photo, so it would make sense to ask women to remove their veils in this case (or provide an unveiled photograph of them), but I don’t see what is wrong with headscarves.
And in a similar vein the Bible-bashers who influenced Dubya’s policies in not investing in pro-abortion policies may well mean that more people in Africa die of AIDS. I’m sure all you rightwing evangelicals are feeling really smug now, aren’t you?
There we go, that’s probably the last serious entry you’ll get from me for several months :).

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