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Days off are fun

By a rather nice bit of good luck, I have absolutely zip in the way of lectures, labs and tutorials today, so for the first time this week I’ve been able to wake up at 9:30am feeling relaxed. Which is nice.

That said, I am nipping back to York in a bit so that some guy with latex gloves can poke his fingers around my oral orifice. Or rather, I’m going to the dentist. Then, I’m going home, having something to eat and then coming back to Bradford again. It’s only a whistle-stop tour but it gives me a chance to pick up things I’ve forgotten, which so far stands at 5 coats, three mobile phone covers, one calendar, a selection of wine glasses and one bottle of Rhinocort nasal spray. I’m also thieving a few Ikea glasses since I managed to k/o one last week and surviving with just the one glass isn’t so easy.
My surge protector strip is currently in full use, what with this computer, my stereo, phone charger and battery charger all feeding off it at present – an interesting turn of events meant that several things went flat at the same time last night so I’m having to charge them all up before I go. It’s not a sophisticated surge protector – just a cheap one from Ikea – but it’ll at least protect against minor fluctuations in current, which is all I really need. We tend not to get brownouts or major lightning strikes here, and power cuts are very rare. Obviously if I moved to the US I’d invest in a decent UPS since I gather the electric supply isn’t so good over there, judging from the amount of coverage it gets in Lockergnome and the LangaList.
Bit of internet news on the front page of the Guardian today – Microsoft chatrooms to close after abuse fear. Not really a chat room person myself – the only one I go in is the official ODP one and that’s very well moderated – but I am aware of the problem this is trying to fix. I do think it’s a little draconian, and perhaps shouldn’t have been announced until closer to the deadline since any paedophiles using the system will just encourage their groomees to chat elsewhere.
The same paper is carrying a story about my second-least favourite tabloid ‘newspaper’: Readers join attack on Sun over coverage of Bruno breakdown. While I’ve never bought the Sun, I officially started boycotting it after they printed what can only be described as bollocks during the Iraq war, and this latest gaff has only reinforced my opinion. The other tabloid I boycott, by the way, is the Daily Mail, due to its outdated and discriminative attitudes towards women and asylum seekers. And because it also has a habit of printing bollocks.
One thing that does amuse me about the Sun is that it has no qualms about printing topless models on page three, yet has to censor the word ‘tits’. Even mild words like ‘twat’ have to have their vowels removed. It remains me of a line from the South Park film – “as long as there is no swearing, violence is okay” . Now while I’d never use words like ****, **** and **** on this weblog, words like crap, prat and cretin seem relatively harmless to me.
Finally, I’ll try not to deluge you with 6 posts today, like I did yesterday. Instead, I’ll just give you a big entry like this one :).


  1. Closing chatrooms just drives the sicko’s underground or elsewhere. Seeing as though I met my wife online in a chat room I’m pretty biased towards them. As an “op” in the room there were often people on the prowl to pull…most of the time you’d spot them as soon as they did the a/s/l trick and they’d get booted 🙂

  2. oops – i’ve just realised that I’ve posted the wrong url for my website – that one just gives you a blank page as its my spambot page.