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After a prompt from Chris, I decided to hack MT so that trackbacks appear instantly on archive pages when someone sends a ping. However, the hack in question is considerably more yummy than that – it also lets you configure how often index templates are rebuilt. For example, while I want the index page to be rebuilt everytime an entry, comment or trackback is posted, the WML page only needs to be rebuilt when I post a new entry. So in theory, the slowdown caused by the archive pages being rebuilt each time a ping is sent will be offset by the speed increase caused by some of the index templates not being rebuilt.

I’d appreciate the odd ping to this entry to let me know if it works, and, in particular, if any timeouts happen while pinging – you can find this out in MT by viewing the Activity Log after sending the ping. It worked when I tested it internally but a few external pings would just confirm that.
There is one bug – MT now thinks its version 2.63 and not 2.64, probably because Sean (the hackmeister) uses MT 2.63 so the hacked file will be based on that. I’ll see if I can fix it myself; I imagine it’ll be a relatively trivial change. Update: Yes, it was a trivial change – one character on line 10 in /lib/ :).

If you don’t mind editing your MT files a bit then it’s quite a worthwhile hack to make – it’s not too difficult to implement and you get some new options to play with :). Bear in mind that if you use the ScriptyGoddess Comment Queue hack, or the Duplicate Comments hack, or like me you use both, then you’ll need to reapply those hacks, but I’ve got all three running now and there doesn’t seem to be any problems.

The one thing that is annoying me this evening is that Firebird has completely forgotten how to copy and paste, which is immensely annoying when copying URLs :-/. It’s never happened before either. Hmmm.

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