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Early Rising

First day of proper lectures, and I have a 9am start. Although it was a relatively short lecture (well, computer lab session) it was not the most pleasant experience and consisted mostly about rants about how students cannot write emails properly. There was also some huffle from students about the second timetable change in two days, particularly from those trying to squeeze jobs during the daytime since they need to know when they’re available for work. All in all it’s been rather chaotic.
On the upside, the computers have had their software updated – they now run RedHat 9 with 1.0.2 and Mozilla 1.2.1. While they’re certainly not the latest releases it’s better than RH7.3, OOo build 641 and Mozilla 0.9.7, which is what the systems had last year. Although the scroll wheels on the mice weren’t working…
Of course, with the new term comes new textbooks, for which I already have at least £34 to spend. And that’s one book for one module. Bah.
This also came in my mail today: Give us our monitors back, Carly says. HP mistakenly sold some 17-inch LCD monitors for $200, which were actually worth considerably more. So now, it wants them back. Hmmm.
And finally, this UtterlyBoring article was the 100th trackback ping to this weblog :).

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