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Breathe with me

I smell. No really, I stink of fags. That’s cigarettes, not homosexuals. Besides, I can’t imagine a homosexual would smell any different to a heterosexual or bisexual person. But anyway, I digress.
I spent lunchtime in the pub after a failed attempt to find a lecturer for a lab we were supposed to be having. Now this pub, and I have to say it is a very nice pub with excellent food, does have a non-smoking area. But there’s nothing preventing cigarette smoke from drifting over and making you smell like a tramp. That’s a ‘bum’, for you Americans. Not a British ‘bum’ though. If I smelled like a British ‘bum’ I’d be very worried. But anyway, I digress.
While I am thankful that some effort has been made to provide facilities for those who don’t want to have to suffer from other peoples’ dirty habits, they could perhaps be made a little more effective. Extractor fans and better ventilation would be a start. As it is, these clothes were clean on today and they already smell like they’ve been hung over the top of a factory chimney, albeit without the soot stains.
You know, smokers should really be glad that, at least at the moment, the NHS pays for my asthma prescriptions. Otherwise, if I was out in a pub/club/restaurant and needed to use my inhaler, and had the misfortune of not being able to sit away from someone inhaling cyanide, carbon monoxide and ammonia, I’d be inclined to invoice them for the Salbutamol that I’ve had to waste as a result of their selfishness. But anyway, I digress.


  1. If your asthma is kicking in with a bit of smoke then maybe Salbutamol shouldn’t be used alone to treat the condition and you should let your asthma quack know the state of play… It could save your life.
    (I’m being morbid because I’m on hold to BT)

  2. It isn’t used alone – I also have Beclamethason Diprionate which acts as a preventer. A bit of smoke is fine – certainly I didn’t need it today – but if I happen to have the misfortune of sitting next to a heavy smoker for too long then breathing does become difficult.

  3. We Smokers pay for the NHS twice over with the tax level as it is, not that I disagree, Cigs are the only way to get students to pay taxes, so why moan about it the next time your popping in for your free perscription find a smoker shake their hand and thank them!!