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The Million Dollar Question

  • Would you buy a keyboard that cost $1million? Amazon thinks you might. It’s obviously a typo, so if it gets pulled here’s a screenshot. Unfortunately, the screenshot doesn’t include the comments which are highly amusing, so get to the real page if you can. Link via Utterly Boring, which explains Jake’s Amazon tag in the URL – I don’t yet have an affiliate account with them.
  • Xteq X-Find, X-Setup’s little brother got featured in today’s LangaList, as a way of removing scumware parasites. The program was written years ago (way before my time there) so it was never designed for that, but it’s nice to see someone come up with a new use for it.
  • Eolas suit may spark HTML changes – apparently tags like <embed> and <object> could be removed as a result of the patent ruling against Microsoft’s use of plugins in IE. The latest I heard was that Eolas wanted to sort out a licensing agreement with MS. Of course, this whole fracas would never have occurred if software patents didn’t exist. While the US is argubly too late to be saved, if you’re in Europe, you might be able to help. I have this nasty feeling that some day embedding images into web pages will require licensing as a result of this. Can I have an ‘Ugh’ with extra cheese please?
  • Went to see Road Trip last night – it’s an old film but I’d never seen it, and it was free. The cinema was quite full but they weren’t turning people away like they were on Sunday, fortunately. I did enjoy the film although the story was a bit predictable, and it wasn’t as funny as Not Another Teen Movie, in my opinion, which completely ripped the piss out of the whole teen film genre. Yes, it’s full of cliches, but that’s the point!
  • Seeing as I have £30 of vouchers to spend at Revolution before the end of October, I started last night with 2 cocktails for the price of 1. It wasn’t brilliantly delicious but when you consider that they had a total of 4 shots of Icelandic vodka and 2 shots of… something between them, £3.75 isn’t bad for the pair. And last night was the first time I actually recognised more than 1 song there – it’s about the only place in Bradford that doesn’t play commercial cheese all the time so you tend to get more contemporary house and urban music.
  • I re-enrol today, so I need to get my skates on and get my papers together. Seeya later.


  1. Hey, you’re always welcome to use my amazon tag 😉
    I just figured I’d throw it in there. In all my amazon linkage (about a whole 5 posts) I think I’ve garnered a whole 25-cents of credit at Amazon.
    And besides. If somebody were to buy the keyboard, imagine what my commision would be then 😉

  2. What’s the secret to happiness?

    You’ll be happy if you constrict your anus 100 times everyday. Another random Amazon link via