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Manual Trackback

Although I originally found out about it 2 months ago, today I finally got around to installing the Manual Trackback script for people who have weblog software that doesn’t support trackback (like Blogger or Radio), but still want to send trackback pings. There’s now a link on every comments section where trackbacks are enabled (or there will be when the entries are all rebuilt), which runs you through a simple PHP script that asks you for the details and then sends the ping.
It can be hacked to point at other servers – for example I was able to ping Reflective Reality with an entry from the ODP Weblog, seeing as Ciaran never included a trackback interface to it. That said, please don’t abuse this script by sending loads of spammy pings to people, since, at least at the moment, it’s the trackback equivalent to an SMTP server with open relays.
Anyway, the rain has stopped so I’m going to cash in a cheque, and then try not to spend money in town.


  1. Shame comments don’t rebuild on a ping isn’t it.
    Click the (0) or the homepage for the trackback

  2. You can hack MT so that it does – see Mod 1 and Mod 2. They give you more control over what is rebuilt when a comment is submitted.

  3. Man, that’s a pretty good hack (the ones you linked too, Neil). I wish I had some free time to implement them. Have you done them? I just know I’ll bulldoze the changes when/if a MT 2.65 is released by just throwing all the new files on top of the old ones.

  4. OK, I guess I should read the entire entry before posting…just ignore my previous comment 🙂